Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to Prada

I wish I could take credit for the post title, but alas--that bit of cleverness is actually the name of a book by Amy Allen and Eun-kyung Kang. They've taken old-fashioned nursery rhymes and revamped them into a hilarious book with cool illustrations.

Which has nothing to do with anything except that a) I have to go to a baby shower on Thursday so I have cute baby gifts on the brain and b) it kind of, sort of, (not really) ties in with a subject Stacey and I have been talking about recently--"Baby Style."

Baby Style is simply the way you dress your baby/toddler/kid. Back in the olden days, there was no such thing. Cavemen kids wore animal skins; pioneer children dressed in burlap; 1970s and 80's kids were held hostage by maniacal cartoon animals known as Garanimals. This was not parental negligence, just a lack of options.

*Stacey breaking in here to say I have no idea what Garanimals are. I am so young and nubile and do not remember the 70's or early 80's *bats young and nubile eyelashes*

Now that's all changed. Today's babies/toddlers have as many fashion choices as adults. More, if you count accessories like pacifiers,

burp cloths (zebra stripe or cammo pattern?) disposable diapers (Elmo print or Mickey Mouse?), etc.

Of course, the poor hapless babies don't actually get to decide these things since they generally lack both credit cards and the ability to operate a motor vehicle. It's the Mommies (and sometimes Daddies), who buy this stuff. So "Baby Style" is really "Mommy Style." And that's where things can get tricky. Because Mom's don't necessarily dress their kids the way you would expect. But then again, sometimes they do. It's a very inexact science.

And now for our sparkling commentary . . .

Stacey: This is kind of cute, but a little rastah soccer bum.

Julie: It's the cap. The rest of it's cute, though. Of course, Gwen Stefani could dress her kids in plastic bags sewn together with hair and it would probably somehow look cool.

Julie: I'm pretty sure this qualifies as child abuse in some parts of the world.

Stacey: I think most Arkansan men would consider that outfit grounds to pull out a gun and shoot something.

Stacey: This might make me pull out a gun and shoot something. There's no need to go Bubba at such a tender age.

Julie: Hey! That's my nephew! Lucky for you my family doesn't love me--er, I mean, are too busy to read my blogs. Because I'm pretty sure he could kick your *&$, even though he's two. :)

Stacey: Oops...heh call!!!

Stacey: My eyeeeesss! The yellow, it blinds us!!!

Julie: Ha, ha, ha--this is cracking me up. I chose this pic because it reminds me of how I used to dress A when she was that age. Especially the bow. LOVE bows. The bigger, the better. I still make her wear them. (A being my 10 yr old daughter who I can't post photos of due to hyper-paranoia and too many episodes of Forensic Files/ColdCase Files/American Justice)

Stacey: I'm never doing commentary first. Ever. Again. I have footinmouthitis.

Stacey: If you want to get that prison-fabulous thing going early.

Julie: Does it come with a miniature guitar? Because that would be cool.

Stacey: Omg. Really. Skull and crossbones for baby? Isn't this a little goth-tastic? (Okay, so I'm lying. I LOVE this and would totally dress my baby in it if he were a girl. Look at the preshush little bow on her skull head!!)

Julie: I love this too! Of course, I would have to pair it with a matching skull hair bow.

Stacey: LOL!

Stacey: And I like this too. Monkey from Wizard of Oz! Brilliant....Um...and somewhere along the way I think I got distracted from the point. But then, I am the woman who spent Easter dressing her baby up as a chicken:

Stacey: I had the chicken outfit and it was too rainy to hunt eggs outside and...yeah...I think I may have a problem...

Julie: OMG, you didn't.

Except you totally did. Although he does look adorable . . . do we even want to know why you just happened to have a chicken outfit laying around your house? LOVE the flying monkey.

Until next time!


Stacey and Julie

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