Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Be Kind to Animals Week

In honor of Be Kind to Animals Week, some animals in tiaras:

SJ: I would usually consider this animal cruelty, but the cats seem to dig the tiara action.

JL: I don't even want to know where you found these pictures. Does the cat on the left's tiara resemble a jester hat, or is it just me? This is definitely not animal cruelty. Cats were born to wear tiaras. It's the Egyptians' fault. They had that whole worshiping-them-as-gods thing going on and the feline species never got over it.

SJ: This guy too. Not even bulldogs can fight the power of the sparkling headpiece.

JL: A sparkling, FUZZY headpiece. A cat would never stand for this.

SJ: I swear, this pig is giving the camera a come-hither look. The magic of the tiara strikes again.

JL: "Siren pigs--how swine flu was first transmitted to humans."

SJ: Snarf!!! Lol!!

And let's not forget about those zombie animals!!

SJ: This really really freaks me out. A lot. Like....a whole lot.

JL: Do you have to be nice to animals that look like they might kill you?

SJ: I'm not sure that cat is after brains, but...yeah...I could just have a filthy mind.

JL: Clearly the orange cat is merely removing a piece of fuzz from the black and white cat's fur, that's all. I don't know what you're talking about.

SJ: More snarf!!

SJ: God! Scary zombie sheep. I'm going to have nightmares. I should have put the animals in tiaras last.

JL: I don't think a tiara would help in this case. I'm already having nightmares and I'm awake. What do you think he's whispering in that guy's ear . . .

SJ: "I'm going to shave your head and make a scarf and wear it while I eat your brains!!!" Or something like that...

Until next time!

Stacey and Julie

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  1. You two crack me up.

    And, even though I am a human, hetero female, that pig's come hither look is working on me. All hail the magic of the tiara!