Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book review

Shhhh, don't tell Stacey--it's me, Julie, hijacking the blog. It's probably not nice to highjack the blog from your critique partner, but I can't help it. I MUST express my fangirl love for Stacey's latest book, My So-Called Death because it's SO FREAKING HILARIOUS.

I know, I know. You probably think I'm just saying that because she's the zombie to my tiara, but I'm not!! Really. I'm not that nice. Plus, I had an independent expert review the book and she agrees with me.

Transcript of text messages between me and independent expert:

Me: What up?

Expert: Y r u texting me?

Me: I can't text my own daughter?

Expert: No

Me: What r u doing?

Expert: Mommy stop trying to act cool

Me: Abigail texts u

Expert: Abigail is my age 11
Expert: Plus u r sitting on couch next 2 me
Expert: And u type slow

Me: did u like Stacey's book?

Expert: Duh, it has dead people in it

Me: U like it bc there r dead people?

Expert: the dead people r funny. like sarcastic and stuff.
Expert: it only took me 1 day 2 finish

Me: Do u want to write a review of it for our blog?

Expert: use 4 not for

Me: I'll think about it

Expert: Did u know daddy can't make smiley face?

Me: daddy is text challenged.

Me: So?? Do u want 2 write review?

Expert: like a book report?

Me: sort of, not really. u just tell what u like about it and y.

Expert: how is that not like book report?

Me: um ... well, u dont have to draw a picture

Expert: no thanks
Expert: but tell stacey she writes really good dead people

Me: great. she'll b thrilled i'm sure